However you landed here, know that I appreciate your visit. The purpose of this website is to bring a bit of comfort to those who need it and inspire the world to elevate others with a smile, a gentle touch, a good deed done.  We are all a “power for good." 

I also hope to spark a paradigm shift in the way most people view dying and death, as I did before Amber entered my life…before her journey to The Threshold…before she crossed over.

At 4 ½, she taught me how to live, what really matters in life, why she was here, and what happens when we die.  Shortly before she died on my 27th birthday, October 30, 1980, she called me to her side and gave me the most precious gift I’ve ever received.  “Mom, when I die, I’ll still be Amber, I’ll just be different.”  So, you see, she did not leave me…she did not pass away…I did not lose a child.  She simple changed.  She is with me now and always.

I continue to be astounded by this little girl, now angel, as she guides me in my life.  She knew why she was sent to earth and told me a few days before she died at home.

As I passed through the living room, she called me to her side. I bent down close to hear her. "Mom, I know I'm here to help a lot of people." Weak from the cancer that consumed her and the morphine that helped her endure, I could barely make out her words. "What did you say, Amber?" Frustrated at having to repeat herself, she insisted, "I SAID, 'I KNOW I'M HERE TO HELP A LOT OF PEOPLE'!" 

Amber chose me to be her mother, to love and care for her...to be at her side through her journey with cancer…to help her cross The Threshold…to complete her Life Task.  My Life Task has been revealed throughout the last 38 years:  Share Amber's message of “hope, heaven, and the miracle of life and death,” elevate others, comfort the bereaved.  Time has not diminished my passion for completing my Life Task; it has strengthened and clarified it, just as diamonds are brought to the earth’s surface by deep source volcanic eruptions.

And so my journey continues.  The next stop is a wonderful, exciting, powerful one!

It’s been my experience that when your loved one dies, you miss the human part of their being—hearing, touching, etc.  It’s an intense, insatiable, desperate longing that cannot be satisfied.  After learning how to paint silk and facilitating a newly bereaved group of the Bereaved Parents of the USA, I wondered, “What if I could paint a silk scarf—complete with images of angels and inspiring angel quotes—that would be a small physical way they can feel connected…they can embrace their angel?”  

My vision is being realized…the “Embrace the Angel” scarf is created…we are currently reaching out to children’s hospices, hospitals, churches and other places of caring for the bereaved to donate these scarves.  

Here are the PDF versions of the workshops presented by Claudia Hnatiw and myself at the Bereaved Parents of the USA Conference

BPUSA Celebrate Workshop Apr 2014 copy 2BPUSA Embrace the Angel Workshop Apr 2014 copy 3Postponing Grief copy 2

I will update this website as we progress.  Please check back often to take this journey with us!

Warm embrace...


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Celebrate What’s Right…(Patti DiMiceli)

Embrace the Angel (Patti DiMiceli)

Postponing Grief (Claudia Hnatiw)

What people are saying about "Embrace the Angel:"

ELISABETH KUBLER-ROSS, author of "On Death and Dying," and others: "I just discovered Embrace the Angel... I read it through and through all over again. It's very beautiful and very touching, especially her dreams and her courage and wisdom. You need to share this with the world—for Amber and Chad and all the many parents who need to know."

SAMUEL EPSTEIN, MD, author of "The Politics of Cancer" and professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago: "This was very touching and moving... a grave human tragedy."

PAULA D'ARCY, author of "Song for Sarah:" "I was deeply moved by Embrace the Angel. It is brave and courageous and frighteningly real... a strong, strong story. Patti captured Amber's little spirit and really made it live."

GLENN A. NOYES: "To everyone I say: 'If you think you love your children now, wait until you've read Embrace the Angel. This book will make you tuck your children in bed a little tighter and give them that extra kiss each night'."

SARAH TOTUSHEK: "This story is compelling! Patti has the gift of bringing one right into her life- the pain, the joy, the horror, the hope is all there... those whom it reaches will never be the same after reading it. She has opened the door... and made enough inroads already to guarantee that those who need Amber's gift, will find her.

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