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Our Angel Advocates:

Important supporters who feel our mission!

Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles, a Book of Miracles and many more: “I have known Patti for years and have her daughter Amber’s drawing is in our home. The program she has created—Be An Angel, Comfort an Angel—has a heart and can touch the bodies and souls of those in need. My wife is in the hospital as I write this and I have her draped with Patti’s Angels. They bring us love and hope and can do it for all who participate in the program and help Patti and her team deliver it to those in need.”

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, author of On Death and Dying and many others: “I just discovered Embrace the Angel...I read it through and through all over again. It’s very beautiful and very touching, especially her dreams and her courage and wisdom. You need to share this with the world—for Amber and Chad and all the many parents who need to know.”

Samuel Epstein, MD, author of The Politics of Cancer and professor at the University of Illinois: “This was very touching and moving...a grave human tragedy.”

Glenn A. Noyes: “To everyone I say: ‘If you think you love your children now, wait until you’ve read Embrace the Angel. This book will make you tuck your children in bed a little tighter and give them that extra kiss each night.”

Sarah Totushek, Hospice of Chesapeake: “This story is compelling! Patti has the gift of bringing one right into her life—the pain, the joy, the horror, the hope is all there...those whom it reaches will never be the same after reading it. She has opened the door...and made enough inroads already to guarantee that those who need Amber’s gift, will find her.

Carol: “Am wearing my Amber's legacy proudly on my trip to Mackinaw Island. I love it! She is my little guardian angel! Hugs.”

Our Angel Artists:

Children who donate their Angel Art for our Embrace the Angel pillow covers to bring joy and a sense of caring to critically ill children.

Grace's Message -

Kristin and Grace, her mother, (via email): “Hi...I am the Mom who suggested my daughter Grace's Fourth Grade class do this project. We met a representative from your organization at Quiet Waters while ice skating. We were so moved by the mission and exercise of the group. My daughter and I talked about how to get more involved and came up with the idea of asking her teacher if her class could do it for Lent as a part of their honoring God during this time.


My daughter had to stand in front of her class to describe the idea and exercise of the drawing. Grace loves to draw. She said the kids had questions about whether they could color the angels, if they could do more than one, if they had to be girl angels and if the sick children would know their names and ever get better.


I am so proud that she wanted to do this and it worked out! The kids really loved it. I hope sick children get comfort from it.”

Our divine Angel Partners:

The HOW and WHY of our Be an Angel, Comfort an Angel Global Initiative, they distribute our scarves, ties, and pillow covers to those who need them most.

ANN ARMSTRONG-DAILY, founder and director of Children’s Hospice International: “The ‘Be an Angel, Comfort an Angel’ Global Initiative, has been a wonderful program for Children's Hospice International (CHI)!  Not only are the scarves, ties and pillow covers beautiful, but they mean so much to those who receive them. Anyone who participates in the program is truly doing the work of Angels!”

NOEL CASTIGLIA, founding member of the Annapolis Chapter of the Bereaved Parents of the USA: “I received my order of silk Embrace the Angel ties. I just love the feel of the tie and the presence of all the Angels to carry with me whenever I choose to dress up…The tie radiates hopeful images and reminds us that our loved one is watching over us…The beautiful design is appropriate for weddings, church gatherings, and the Christmas holidays, as it is in the spirit of these special occasions. A perfect gift for Dad or Grandad any time of year!”

Angel Artisans:

The craftsmen and women who help bring the Embrace the Angel

Global Initiative to life!

The “Angel Factory” that produces our pewter Guardian Angels we distribute around the world.

Family owned, they create the most luxurious and cuddly pillow forms for our pillow covers.

They have excellent printed materials and great customer service.

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