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Welcome to our

Be an Angel, Comfort an Angel

Global Initiative!

Bring the Power of Angels

into your life and the lives of others with our Embrace the Angel silks!

When you purchase one of our Embrace the Angel silks, we donate one to another human being who is grieving.

Our Be an Angel, Comfort an Angel Global Initiative works with Angel Partners to deliver these silky Angels

into the hands of those who need it most. Learn more about this compassionate program below.

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Our Be an Angel, Comfort an Angel  program is a Global Initiative whose purpose is to bring comfort, inspiration, and connection to the bereaved and critically ill. It’s our way of giving back...of touching those who long to feel connected...

of sharing the Power of Angels! here on earth.


For every Embrace the Angel silk scarf, necktie, or pillow cover purchased, Tobias & Co. LLC donates one to another human being who is grieving. We work with our divine Angel Partners—hospices, churches, hospitals, and organizations whose mission supports the critically ill and the bereaved—to help us distribute these silk pieces of wearable, lovable Angel Art

with the hope that they will bring a bit of comfort, caring, and inspiration.

Be an Angel, Comfort an Angel

ELISABETH KUBLER-ROSS, author of On Death and Dying and many others: "I just discovered Embrace the Angel... I read it through and through all over again.  It's very beautiful and very touching, especially her dreams and her courage and wisdom.  You need to share this with the world—for Amber and Chad and all the many parents who need to know."

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