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eBook of Patti and Amber’s story!

(Note: The last chapter, "Man of My Dreams," should be titled "Man of My Nightmares." It was my Dream, not his.)

(Softcover book available on Amazon

or your favorite bookstore.)

Foreword by Bernie Siegel, MD, Author

Love, Medicine, & Miracles

Peace, Love, & Healing

A Book of Miracles

The Art of Healing

How to Live Between Office Visits

Prescriptions for Living

and many more!

All available on Amazon

(Note from Patti) "This book cover was designed by my blessed Trio of Creatives: God, Amber, and myself. It represents The Threshold we cross from life to death...the Light of Love we encounter on the other side. In her hands she holds the Key to Heaven.

God spoke to me as I stood in line at the gift shop in St. Raphael's Hospital buying Amber a gift to have after she woke up from surgery. I was waiting for the test results of the week long attempt that Bernie orchestrated to try to save her life. 'Turn around.' I did. 'This is the Key to Heaven. Tell Amber that, whenever she feels she is dying, she can use it to open the Golden Gates to Heaven'."  

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